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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are all the eligible persons to join this scheme?

Everyone above 18 years are welcome to join as a Vaanavil member. Working persons, students, retired persons, home makers - anybody who wishes to get success in their life by working with little effort.

2. What is the investment for joining as a member in Vaanavil?

One should buy our Vaanavil tea worth Rs. 300 (500 grams Black Tea) or Rs. 400 (200 grams Green Tea) and he becomes a member of Vaanavil.

3. Are Vaanavil members employees of the company?

No, Vaanavil members are independent marketing and branding channel personnels and are not employees of the company. Any misrepresentations will lead to cancellation of membership.

4. What are the requirements to become a Vaanavil member?

    a. The person should be above 18 years.
    b. He/she must have a mobile with internet connection and Vaanavil Application installed in it.
    c. He/she must have a PAN card. If not he/she must get it before his commission exceeds Rs. 100000.

5. What are the skills should I possess to achieve success?

There is no need of any prerequisites to achieve success. A person must be able to reach the product to just 4 persons and manage his/her down-line without any break.

6. How much time do I have to spend?

It depends upon the person. Whether you want to dedicate yourself full-time or want to make some extra income during your spare time is up to you. There is no specific time or stipulated period in a day. So, you can invest your time the way it suits you. However, its your responsibility to maintain your down-line without any pending.

7. How does a person become a Vaanavil member?

A person may contact an existing Vaanavil member and get their Sponsor ID to join the chain. In case of no Sponsor ID, the person may contact the company directly.

8. How can I add members below in my downline ?

You have to get the registration amount from the person who wish to join in your downline and transfer the amount to the Company's bank account. The amount you have transferred will be transferred to your e-wallet. You can use the amount to generate e-pins [One e-pin is worth of Rs. 300 (Black tea) or Rs. 400 (Green tea)]. Using that e-pin, you can join members in your downline. With one e-pin you can add one member.

9. How can I create an e-pin?

    To create an e-pin,

    Step 1 – Transfer the required amount to the company’s bank account and mention        your Member Id in the remarks column while paying the amount. [One e-pin is worth of Rs. 300 (Black tea) or Rs. 400 (Green tea)]

    Bank details

    Name: Vaanavil Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

    Bank Name: Bank of Baroda

    A/c No.: 05410200000251

    IFSC No.: BARB0MANACH ('Fifth character is zero')

    Step 2 –Your e-wallet will be updated with the transferred amount. Now, log in to your account --> Click 'Request E-pin' --> Click 'Generate E-pin--> Select the pin type --> Type the total number of e-pins you need (Maximum e-pins - 4) --> Click ‘Generate’. Your e-pin is generated and now you can join members under your chain.

10. How do I receive my commission amount?

    The particular level's commission amount will be updated on your e-wallet every Monday after completion. Whenever you wish to the amount to be transferred to your registered bank account, you can Click 'Withdraw Funds' --> Your available funds will be shown --> Type the amount you wish to withdraw in the Withdraw amount in (Rs.) field --> Enter your password --> Click Request Withdrawal. Your requested amount will be credited to your bank account on next Monday.

11. How can I protect my privacy online?

    a. Never give your password to anyone.

    b. Make your password strong by incorporating numbers, letters n small and capital and special characters like @, *, # etc., wherever allowed.

    c. If you have for an online scam and gave out your password, change your password right away.

    d. Once you have finished your work in your Vaanavil account, do not leave the site open and be sure to log off from the site.

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